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Nanofibers as Advanced Waterless Delivery Systems

What is Waterless Bōshi Beauty and what are the benefits for your brand? Learn how Bōshi Fiber made with nanofiber technology is making waterless beauty the latest innovation for skincare delivery. Watch our free webinar hosted by Dr. Laura Frazier, TaikiUSA Chief Scientist. Want to learn more about our unique skincare delivery system? Complete the…

Bōshi Waterless Beauty Webinar​

Sustainable and waterless Bōshi products are the future of the beauty industry. Learn from Dr. Laura Frazier, Chief Scientist at TaikiUSA as she explains why sustainability in the beauty industry matters, why sustainable products that work matter even more, the path towards waterless beauty and how nanofiber technology is being utilized in the creation of…

The Case for Waterless Beauty Webinar​

Waterless beauty is the next revolution of skincare. Why is waterless important and what are the benefits for the beauty industry? Learn how Bōshi Fiber from Taiki is making waterless beauty possible. Watch our free webinar to learn more. Hosted by Jim Perry, President & CEO at TaikiUSA. Complete the form below to receive access…

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