Beauty Accelerate 2021: Making Beauty Better with Waterless

TaikiUSA is proud to be the Gold Sponsor at Beauty Accelerate, the event connecting brand marketing and R&D Innovation. This will be Taiki’s third year participating in the annual event. Last year, Taiki introduced the concept of Waterless Beauty.

Building on that concept, this year our Chief Scientist Dr. Laura Frazier will be presenting a session on “Waterless Beauty: Making Products Better.” Dr. Frazier holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is an expert in electrospun polymer nanofibers. She will be discussing the sustainable and efficacious benefits of electrospun nanofibers for cosmetic and beauty applications.

Leveraging a joint venture with Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company (SNC) of South Africa, Taiki has developed and patented the technology for Waterless Bōshi Fiber. Bōshi Fiber uses a commercially viable nanofiber manufacturing process to create high-performing, instantly dissolvable waterless products.

Focusing on water reduction is a critical way to improve overall sustainability. As consumers educate themselves on sustainability, it has become more than just a beauty trend. It is an important initiative for a better environmental future.

Bōshi Fiber is the latest innovation from Taiki that will allow us to develop more sustainable product offerings. We are making this our mission to work harder to create positive changes with more sustainable products and packaging options. During the event, Dr. Frazier will go in depth on the importance sustainability in the beauty industry and the many benefits of producing waterless products.

Learn more about creating sustainable and better performing products with Bōshi Fiber at our webinar.

Waterless Beauty: Making Products Better
October 18 at 10am CT/11am ET
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