Bōshi 리소스

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GCI Magazine Features TaikiUSA Bōshi CBD Strips

TaikiUSA is transforming waterless beauty formulations with the use of a patented Bōshi nanofiber. Bōshi Fiber is a sustainable, patented delivery system for waterless products, cutting out the need for emulsifiers, fillers, modifiers and other additives. When paired with CBD, it can provide a soothing component to the formulation. Read more about Bōshi Fiber and…

Happi: Why Go Waterless?

Waterless Bōshi Beauty is a Transformational Product Technology That Creates New Opportunities for Beauty and Skincare Consumers like the idea of sustainable products, but they want products that are effective. Taiki focuses on making better performing products that are sustainable- helping brands achieve their eco-friendly goals. Taking water out of products is a proven path…


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