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Nanofibers as Advanced Waterless Delivery Systems

What is Waterless Bōshi Beauty and what are the benefits for your brand? Learn how Bōshi Fiber made with nanofiber technology is making waterless beauty the latest innovation for skincare delivery. Watch our free webinar hosted by Dr. Laura Frazier, TaikiUSA Chief Scientist. Want to learn more about our unique skincare delivery system? Complete the…

Sustainable Skincare Trends Report 2023

Bōshi Beauty, Inc. surveyed 490 consumers to find out exactly how they feel about water in skincare products.

Everything You Need to Know About Waterless Beauty – From the Waterless Experts

TaikiUSA is at the forefront of waterless beauty — and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. In this whitepaper, we reveal: Traditional skincare formulation barriers The opportunity of electrospun nanofibers in the beauty industry The benefits of using Bōshi waterless skincare formulation, including versatile delivery systems and multi-functional formula. Download the…


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