About Bōshi

Bōshi nanofiber skincare technology is a joint venture between TaikiGroup and Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company – two well-established organizations with years of experience in skincare and nanofiber technology.
  • TaikiUSA

    TaikiUSA is a private label skincare manufacturer dedicated to helping beauty and skincare brands launch and grow. With an on-staff PhD and 30+ years of experience innovating in the skincare and beauty industry, TaikiUSA has an in-depth understanding of and focus on material science.

  • Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company

    Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company is a South African-based manufacturer serving the biomedical and skincare industry. SNC’s patented ball electrospinning technology is a high-throughput nanofiber R&D production platform that helps clients get to market faster with revolutionary concepts.

Dedicated to Skincare

A targeted treatment that delivers a concentration of actives exactly where your customer needs it. Bōshi Performance Dissolving Nano Products can be spun with simple, limited or complex ingredients that combine into clean and advanced formulas. 

Electrospinning has enabled the development of groundbreaking new products in the medical and filtration industries. Now, Bōshi is going to change the future of the beauty industry using the same technology, only better – a patented ball electrospinning process.

Dedicated to Protecting the Environment

With so much of our Earth experiencing extreme water shortages, we know there is a deep need for change. Bōshi has less water in the product, which leads to less energy used in manufacturing, less products transported, less packaging produced, less waste and a lower carbon footprint.

Take Your Skincare Formulas to the Next Level with Bōshi

Add high-performing, instantly dissolvable nanofiber-based products to your skincare line with Bōshi technology.