What Do You Want to Create with Bōshi?

Bōshi is an innovative beauty delivery system that transforms the way skincare products are formulated. Made with a patented ball electrospinning process, Bōshi nanofiber technology yields high performing, sustainable products.

The Possibilities Start Here

Expand your line of private label skincare products with our existing Bōshi innovations – ready for market in just 10-12 weeks.

Dissolving Nano Strips

A targeted treatment that delivers a concentration of actives exactly where your customer needs it.  Bōshi Performance Dissolving Nano Strips can be spun with simple, limited or complex ingredients that combine into clean and advanced formulas. 

Multi-Function 3-In-1 Cleanser

Makeup-removing, exfoliating and foaming cleanser.

Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Booster

Quick and effective delivery of moisture with sodium hyaluronate.

Blemish Preventer

A full-face blemish treatment with efficacious levels of Salicylic and Mandelic Acid plus Cica, Allantoin and HA to soothe, moisturize and brighten skin.

Calming Irritation & Inflammation Soother

Cica and Oat Extract infused strip that calms skin irritation after chemical or mechanical peels, waxing or sun treatment.

CBD Soothing Nano Strips

Dissolving strip that delivers 10mg of medical grade, non-psychoactive CBD isolate to soothe and calm skin irritation and inflammation. *Sourced from a GMP certified, licensed cannabis processor.


MOQ for Sachets


MOQ for 5 Boxes of 5


In As Little As 10-12 Weeks

Dissolving Nano Drops

A full-face application intended for daily use. Bōshi Performance Nano   Drops are formed by layering dry, electrospun nanofibers – made from a simple or complex skincare formula – and are activated upon contact with water or serum.

Inspired? Create Your Own Product with Bōshi

Here’s how we can work together to launch your own custom product with Bōshi nanofibers.

Customize Formula & Benefits

From formula and format to materials and packaging, we work together to customize and refine every detail of your new product until it’s just right.

We have the resources to translate your needs to factory language and manage logistics, financials and delivery to ensure you get a quality product on time and on budget.

As Many R&D Rounds As You Need

to Perfect Your Product

100K MOQ​

for custom products

High-Performing Skincare Solutions for Your
Eco-Conscious Consumers

Waterless formulation opens the door to a whole new world of beauty and skincare. Less water leads to more sustainable packaging – and less ingredients lead to more efficacious products.

with Bōshi

Ready to get started with a market-ready skincare solution – or to start your own project? Contact our team to start creating.