The Case for Waterless Beauty

With Bōshi, you don’t have to choose between sustainability and performance. In fact, the best way to truly achieve sustainability in the beauty industry is to give your consumers products that work better. The case for waterless beauty – answered with Bōshi technology. 

The Weight of Water

Most beauty formulas contain up to 80% water, and beauty product manufacturing tops the list of water consumption and waste. Two-thirds of the world’s population will experience water shortages by 2025. The weight of water is becoming too heavy to bear – and the beauty industry needs to do its part.


Formulations are limited to ingredients that can remain stable in aqueous solutions and will not interact negatively with preservatives.


Water is an inexpensive filler ingredient for skincare products – until you consider packaging. Water adds weight, which limits packaging options and increases shipping costs.

Simpler Ingredients. Better Formulas.

Bōshi nanofiber technology allows you to remove unnecessary water, preservatives, and other stabilizing ingredients from your skincare products, so you can focus on delivering only the essential ingredients of the formula to achieve high-performing results for your customers.

40% vs. 18%

A Higher Percentage of the Active Ingredient* can Penetrate into & through the epidermis with Bōshi technology compared to Liquid solutions. *Based on in vitro Franz cell diffusion test using Niacinamide as active ingredient.

Less Packaging. More Brand Success.

43% of consumers said they would pay more for a product if the packaging was environmentally friendly. Less water leads to less packaging, reduced waste and more sustainable packaging options. Satisfy your eco-conscious consumers without sacrificing performance by creating a line of waterless skincare with Bōshi.

Build Brand Loyalty with Benefits for Your Customers

Minimal fillers

Simplified skincare routines

Portable & convenient

Simple, natural & clean


Hyper targeted treatments

Backed By Skincare & Nanofiber Experts

Bōshi brings together the best of two well-established companies – Taiki Group, global leaders in beauty application tools and skincare solutions, and Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company, a manufacturer at the forefront of nanofiber development and production. Together, we are Bōshi: an end-to-end partner for beauty and skincare brands with the industry expertise, experience and capabilities to help you get ahead of the curve with your line of sustainable skincare.

Skincare is going waterless. Be one of the first.

Waterless beauty solutions are creating new opportunities for beauty and skincare. Don’t take on the sustainability and water conservation challenge by yourself – launch products with Bōshi nanofiber skincare technology.