Nanofiber Skincare Technology

Bōshi is a nanofiber delivery system manufactured through a patented ball electrospinning process, allowing beauty brands to develop waterless skincare formulas that are innately more effective and sustainable. 

Waterless Formulas. Endless Possibilities.

Electrospun nanofibers have been evaluated by many researchers as an alternative to freeze-drying; numerous benefits were elucidated, including improved stability of certain bioactive compounds. Bōshi combines this technique with a diverse selection of natural, water soluble polymers, allowing chemists and scientists to experiment with multi-functional formulas that aren’t possible with traditional skincare formulation technology.

It’s Time to Revisit All of Your Impossible Ideas

With Bōshi, you can dream up new formulas with ingredients that are traditionally incompatible in a water-based product. Explore our existing Bōshi solutions, or create your own project to bring next-level ingredient combinations and skincare formats to your customers.

Nano Drops

A full-face application intended for daily use.

Dissolving Cleanser

A multi-functional skincare treatment. 

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Performance for Sustainability

Bōshi technology reduces your brand’s footprint with less water, less packaging and less waste – while providing essential, more stable ingredients to your customers.

About Bōshi

We’re an end-to-end partner ready to bring your nanofiber skincare concepts to life. Your success is our success.

Formulate the Impossible

Our unique industry experience is the driving force behind our versatile capabilities. With Bōshi, your impossibilities are a thing of the past.